Wellington Regional Land Transport Plan 2015

On the positive side, fellow regional councillors rejected the Takapu link road in a Petone to Grenada report preceeding the consideration of the full Plan.

However, Council voted for the Regional Land Transport Plan exactly as updated following the hearing of submissions.

The Plan continues to support the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) proposal with an acknowledgement of decline in bus reliability over a 6 year period, but no support for high capacity light rail along the high density spine that would bring an incremental improvement. Also see http://www.paulbruce.co.nz/get-wheels-of-innovation-turning/

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There are many contradictions between stated vision, policy and proposed expenditure, with no attempt to moderate roading expenditure in spite of submissions overwhelmingly requesting a shift in investment towards public transport and active modes.

The $2.4 billion being spent on large new RoNs roads in the Wellington region, now also including the Petone to Grenada link road plus cross Hutt Valley link and various new interchanges is massive. The hearing committee report includes pie graphs illustrating proposed new investment, including provision and operation of public transport services and the contribution that makes to enhancing public transport.  Thus, by lumping capital and operating expenditure together, the apparent new and improved infrastructure on local and state highway roads costs is reduced to 68.2% of total, and public transport increases to 29.2%.

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See hearing report at  http://www.gw.govt.nz/assets/council-reports/Report_PDFs/2015.157a1.pdf

With the support of Cr Sue Kedgley, three motions were moved:

1: Review spine report during financial year 2015/16 with a reassessment of suitability of light rail connection from WRS along high density spine

2: Postpone and review P2G, given that traffic flows are not increasing and its construction would lead to a cascade of new roading projects due to induced vehicle trips that don’t exist today.

3: Bring forward implementation of Wellington Bus Review in a staged approach before letting new tenders

Various other Councillors indicated support but not to the extent of actually voting for the recommendations. So the motions were lost 2:9

Sue Kedgley and myself then voted against the approval of the final RLTP in its present form, and were the only Councillors to do so.

The figure quoted in DomPost for induced traffic into Wellington city is not just from Petone to Grenada, but for all extra vehicles from RoNs projects with Wellington as a destination.

The 2012 OPUS/ARUP study concluded that the RoNs projects would lead to 13,000 extra vehicles into Wellington city atv peak by 2031 and a 3% decline in rail passengers. We have been unable to find out the contribution the proposed Petone to Grenada link road would make to vehicle traffic.

TN24 vehicles destination Wellington

GWRC officers were directed to calculate supposed time savings, but not the number of new cars flooding into the city.

The final Regional Land Transport Plan can be found at


RLTP hearing report at  http://www.gw.govt.nz/assets/council-reports/Report_PDFs/2015.157a1.pdf

DomPost reports at




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