Time to stop marginalising cyclists

During my 55 years cycling, I have seen cyclists increasingly marginalised. With the planetary emergency we now face, one would have to be a fanatic to not support increased cycle usage.

Large numbers of commuters will not shift to cycling until we have a joined up safe cycle network through some reallocation of space given over to private vehicles.

I understand that at least 4% of peak users of the Parade in Island Bay are cyclists on the new cycle way.  This is a great beginning, given that barely 1% cycle to work nationally, a dramatic change from when I first cycled.  2384188-1

A European cost benefit analysis including air pollution, climate change, noise, congestion, road deterioration, time cost, accident cost, health, and vehicle operating costs, shows that if we consider the costs to the individual and society together, car costs are more than six times those of travelling by bicycle.

The bicycle is also roughly 50 times more energy-efficient than driving and four times more efficient than walking.

More can be done. Cycle lanes could be better delineated with a kerb comprising rubber dividers from old tyres painted white, and subsidised on street parking on arterial routes restricted.


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