Highlights for first half year January/June 2015

Recent work (highlighted links to blog articles on website paulbruce.co.nz)
Regional Land Transport Plan media: Get Wheels of Innovation turning – Better Public Transport for Wellington city

Green Wellington Buses submission guide created with Sue Kedgley and support of parliamentary office (Gareth Hughes MP) – Development, coordination, promotion (paulbruce.co.nz)

Long Term Plan voted down – media – Miscalculations in the Regional Council’s large-budget planning

Waste Forum – response to latest eWaste consultancy report
– lobbied LGNZ President Lawrence Yule to include waste stewardship as principle message in LGNZ AGM speech with PM John Key present
– plastic free July promotion Wellington region

Sea level variability and trends: Wellington Region
for Great Harbour Way and as input to climate change strategy (paulbruce.co.nz)

Value Engineering Assessment BRT procurement business plan
(collaboration Wellington Sustainable Transport Group)

Divestment Campaign GWRC – lobbying financial officers GWRC

Food Matters conference, follow up GMO, Glyphsate precationary policies Natural Resource Plan

Lobbying candidates Chris Laidlaw/Barbara Donaldson for GWRC Chair with 10 point demand

Cross Harbour pipeline resiliency comparison with Emergency Domestic Rainwater tanks

Integrated Ticketing and gating WellingtonRailwayStation
Government legislation ticket requirement removing need for gating of stations.

Climate Action Conference Taranaki – Fracking and deep sea oil conditions

Accessibility audit of rail and bus stations – liaison with active mode transport groups

Greenhouse emission targets personal and council submission to Govt

Wairarapa Water Use Project

Asia Pacific conference networking with Victoria Green MPs on transport network

Oxford University Comparison of Buses for Wellingtonians

Wellingtonians require the most suitable buses for the twenty first century, but it is not clear which are the optimum bus type(s).

A specialist team of researchers can rigorously and scientifically compare the effects of the following bus types on stakeholders needs to answer questions about the most suitable type.

The following bus types will be assessed on one Wellington route including overhead wires and off line with hill section
• Battery bus with overnight or periodic charging
• Trolley bus as existing
• Trolley bus modified with modern battery used from start, hill climb and for off line running
• Diesel/Electric Hybrid bus programmed to maximise the use of the battery
• Diesel

Claims of vulnerability of the reticulation asset will be tested.
Assumed Objectives Assessment by Bus Type Research Organisation
Stop buses causing lung cancer or other respiratory diseases, esp. in “golden mile” Assess deaths and other health impacts Epidemiology Department, University of Otago
Minimise climate change Assess CO2 emissions University of Oxford
Driver retention Survey, interviews C Watson Consultancy Ltd
Increase patronage Before & after pax count
Focus group interviews C Watson Consultancy Ltd with Janet Stephenson of University of Otago

Caroline Shaw. Otago, sustrans
Avoid unnecessary operating costs Maintenance, energy etc University of Oxford, Rebecca Ford VUW electrical, Infratil, Zero Emission Vehicles (Andrew Rushworth)
Build resilience Security of supply University of Canterbury
The proposal relies on co-operation of Infratil, Zero Emission Vehicles, Wellington Electricity and the local councils.

Knowing the vehicle type with the best health, cost and sustainability effects to provide Wellingtonians in a position to make decisions with a solid scientific basis about infrastructure and fleet.

Current work
Electric Bus Study
Bus Rapid Transit vs Light Rail Transit
Wellington Bus Review implementation
Cross Harbour pipeline critique
Integrated ticketing without gating

Any questions, please feel to get in touch with me on 021 027 19370 paul.bruce@greens.org.nz

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