Greater Wellington Stalls on Student Fares

A 25% discount for tertiary students public transport in Wellington was voted down today by the Greater Wellington Regional Council.

Green Councillor, Sue Kedgley, proposed an amendment to the Annual Plan to introduce the discount after hearing submissions from students and receiving a petition signed by over 3,500 people.

“I’m extremely disappointed that fellow councillors did not support my amendment today.”

“The issue has been stalled now for a number of years and students desperately need a reprieve from extremely high fares which see students in some parts of the region paying $85 per week to get to university.

“Students contribute $2 billion to the Wellington economy, and many are under extreme stress as a result of high rents and public transport fares. We should be doing everything we can to attract students to Wellington and make the Wellington a student friendly place.”

“Auckland has a 40% student concession and Palmerston North has free fares for students, and Wellington is falling behind.

Councillor Paul Bruce, who supported the amendment, said that students had high costs with the need to travel between part time jobs and lectures, as well as find affordable accommodation. “Reducing some of the travel costs would be repaid many times over if that encouraged continued use of our public transport system,” he said.

Despite Labour Mayoral hopeful Justin Lester announcing student fares as a major Labour party campaign policy last week, Labour-affiliated Councillors voted against it.

Councillors voting for the 25% student discount were; Councillor Sue Kedgley; Paul Bruce, Councillor Nigel Wilson and Councillor Sandra Greig

Sue Kedgley
Greater Wellington Regional Councillor
Mobile 0212709088

Paul Bruce
Greater Wellington Regional Councillor
Mobile: 02102719370

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