Bus Fleet Strategy decision 16th December 2015

Regional Councillors will vote on Bus Fleet strategy this Wednesday, along with signing off a new rail tender. If you would like to give some moral support to Councillors fighting for a smarter transport solution, please come along at the commencement of the meeting for public participation presentations at 9.30am for 15 minutes.

The decisions will made in public excluded after that. ywgI6eLQhtfxvGWQITfsKtLxt40l9KvSMWz5XjnD_lw

Any GWRC procurement deal must signal a rapid pathway to end the use of diesel.
Trolley buses are seen as an intermediate transition step to light rail and battery buses, and prioritising their use on the west/east corridor and Lyall Bay routes will improve capacity without compromising the Wellington Bus Review or the use of higher capacity vehicles. They also effectively provide protection for the spine corridor for the only real long term solution, of light rail.

Wellington needs to follow the example of the Austrian city of Linz, which is renewing its trolleybus fleet with vehicles that have sustainable off-wire capability so that all the local bus services can be provided by zero-emission vehicles.  Maximising the use of the trolleybus overhead line equipment to both drive the vehicles and charge their batteries (or super-capacitors) rather than relying on fast charging in terminal layover times that often aren’t available makes huge sense”.

The situation is Shanghai is also particularly relevant to Wellington where the trolleybus system was slowly closing down and being replaced by battery buses.  The battery buses are rechargeable at certain stops through an overhead collector which connects with a power source mounted on a roadside pole.   Their experience was totally negative and has resulted in Shanghai ordering a batch of 60 new trolleybuses to replace them.  http://www.icshanghai.com/en/information/2014-04-19/21342.html

Light rail of course, offers significant advantages along a spine, with faster loading through multiple doors, low labour costs with variable capacity and greater land value increase through transit orientated development.  As this will take 10 years to develop, light rail should be put in the long term plan immediately through an amendment.

Globally, Governments have now signaled an end to the fossil fuel era, committing for the first time to cut greenhouse gas emissions to avoid the most dangerous effects of climate change. This means bringing down greenhouse gas emissions to net zero within a few decades, and we need to begin that process right now.

5 thoughts on “Bus Fleet Strategy decision 16th December 2015

  1. All well and good but I still don’t know from this article where I need to be at 9:30 Wednesday morning to be seen for a paltry 15 minutes before we all get thrown out so the councilors don’t have to lie in public – they can lie in private instead!

    Where will the meeting be held?

    1. Unfortunately, these messages were not showing up before now. apologies for not getting back to you about meeting time. It was 16th Dec 9.30am – all meetings begin at that time.

      best regards


  2. I live in Leeds. Councillor Bruce even uses a picture from the Leeds NGT Trolleybus scheme produced by TBus. I can tell you, having sat through a 72-day public inquiry, that a trolleybus is only a truly ecological choice when there is a plentiful supply of hydroelectriciy (otherwise you shift the pollution elsewhere). Lacking rails, it is 47% less energy efficient than a tram, and it takes more space and cannit provide thec same comfoirt fior an equiv alent number of passengers.
    It is part of TBus’s mantra to dismiss alternative green technology, be it buses using batteries, supercapacitors, hydrogen five cells or bio gas from human waste. Progress in these fields has been quite remarkable within the last five years, and it is truly ostrich-like not to admit this. But if you want a tram, do not waste money on a trolleybus.

    1. Absolutely agree with the sentiment. We want the existing trolleys to be a transistion to modern tram.
      We are replacing trolleys with diesel buses, and light rail is not on the agenda.

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