Rafael Joudry of Atamai ECO Village: Building Sustainable communities

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Public meeting Friday 1st May 5.30pm 166A Cuba Street (In Good Co)
Informal discussion Saturday 2nd May RSVP 02102719370

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Rafael Joudry of Atamai Village, will share some real life examples
of a pioneering project for sustainable living on a village scale

Topics includes

How to set up a sustainable settlement
Our forms of social structure, enterprise and self-governance.
Human scale settlement
Energy, transport, water, food and biomass

Atamai’s pioneering project for sustainable living involves rethinking or introducing new ways of doing things, including the use of appropriate technology through out the village, as they form social structures, enterprise and self-governance on a human scale settlement.  Rafaele, an international speaker and author, is sharing Atamai’s journey, as the village builds sustainable dwellings, lifestyles, community structures and infrastructure.

Learn more at www.atamaivillage.org

Rafaele JoudryRafaele Joudry, has spent severalyears in the environment movement and was a Non Violent Action trainer at the Franklin Blockade in 1983. She then worked as a community developer before starting her own natural health business, which she has run for the last 25 years. She also holds a Masters in Psychology.

Rafaele is in the process of relocating to Atamai Eco Village in New Zealand, and at her talks will share some real life examples of this pioneering project for sustainable living on a village scale.

Appropriate Technology for Living Assn (ATLA) 021 02719370 Paul.Bruce@greens.org.nz
Rafaele Joudry Atamai Village 027 9688788  rafaele@atamaivillage.org


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