A new chapter

I have been immensely privileged to have served 3 terms on the Greater Wellington Regional Council as the Green representative. Thanks to the Green Party for their strong backing in this year’s campaign, and to the many dedicated volunteers for their hard work.  I am inspired by all of you who work for collaborative change within our communities in a  wide variety of ways.

This election was highly competitive in the Regional Council Wellington constituency, and I lost votes to a number of high calibre candidates such as Roger Blakeley and Russell Tregonning, who adopted very similar positions on public transport, climate change and resiliency. At the moment it appears that special votes will not reverse my loss. I would like to extend my heartfelt congratulations to Roger Blakeley who took the fifth place.

I am also delighted that the green constituency has grown – congratulations to Green candidates Sue Kedgely, Iona Pannett, Sarah Free, Lisa Bridson topping the polls in their constituencies and David Lee re-elected in the southern ward.  Especially pleased to see Mike Tana elected as Mayor of Porirua. Mike is a good friend of the Green Party and will be a great leader for Porirua.

I am excited about the new chapter in my life. I will now have an opportunity to focus more specifically on a number of areas that will improve the ability of our communities to make the transition to a sustainable, de-carbonised world.

Thanks again for your support!

Paul Bruce
Mobile: 02102719370img_2094

4 thoughts on “A new chapter

  1. Well said Paul. Sorry you will not be there this term – it will be an hectic time as we push GW to support better solutions for public transport in Wellington. The call for effective climate change solutions, clean air and clean rivers is getting stronger every day. I look forward to seeing you continuing to be active on these issues.

    1. Thanks Ian. Most grateful for your support. Very best wishes Paul

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