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Working to live within Nature’s limits will yield liveable, resilient communities

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During my three terms as Councillor, I have been able to effectively represent my constituency and have become more adept at getting items on the Agenda. I have made a real difference since the people of Wellington first elected me as a Green Councillor on Greater Wellington Regional Council in 2007.

My achievements

My recent successes are:

  • family discounts and capped fares included in Public transport fare package
  • facilitated the Wellington Bus Review community consultation
  • gained commitment from CentrePort to stop toxic fumigant release
  • got NZ wide local government support for e-waste product stewardship
  • promoted the Ngauranga to Petone cycle/walk way to investigation phase
  • gained cycle racks for buses in the long term plan
  • developed a support package for rainwater collection tanks for households
  • promoted a Green Transport Plan for immediate adoption

As a Councillor, I work hard to put people and the environment at the heart of my decision-making process.  As a meteorologist, I have the scientific background to understand the complex resource issues that the regional council has to deal with. I put in the hard yards attending meetings and briefings so I have the information from experts and the community that I need to make quality decisions.  I am energetic, dedicated and committed to making our region a better place.

My priorities

My priorities for the next three years:

  • Fast modern light rail (trams) through CBD to Newtown, Kilbirnie and the airport into the 10-year plan
  • Completion of the Great Harbour cycle/walk way between Petone and Nguaranga, and the investigation of Nguaranga to Wellington city cycle way via Aotea Quay
  • Improved land use and resource allocation through the natural resource plan and a regional spatial plan

My Policies

I promote strategies to enhance resiliency, protect the environment and improve the ability of communities to make the transition to a de-carbonised world. The challenge of sustainability rests strongly in getting the economy right. Valuing natural capital, supporting sustainable enterprises, and ending subsidies, are all vital elements to meaningful environmental reform.


  • Restoring a heart to our city with integrated transport solutions
  • Zero Emission public transport (zero-emissions-presentation-may-2016)  including fast modern light rail through CBD to Newtown and Kilbirnie, trolleys and battery buses
  • Friendly roads with safe cycle routes and Great Harbour Way
  • 20% cycle mode share, cycle carriage on trains and buses
  • Frequent, reliable services, good connections
  • one ticket for all modes with capped daily fares, student and beneficiary consessions, family passess and no cost transfers
  • Better use of rail and shipping, reducing freight on roads


  • Moratorium on deep sea oil exploration & fracking
  • Protection of green spaces & waterways with carbon forests.
  • Care for Planet to meet human needs
  • Better land use and resource allocation policies through the regional spatial plan,  natural resource plan and product stewardship


  • Protect Hutt River (and others) with Whaitua committees as Kaitiakitanga (Guardians) of natural environment
  • Permeable layers for city, riparian planting and better stock management systems for clean streams.
  • Domestic rainwater collection tanks.


  • Vibrant innovative capital led by social enterprise
  • Improved land use and resource allocation through Regional Spatial Plan
  • Clean heat support for homes, Sustainable business awards
  • Attract and maintain high-value low carbon businesses with reliable and affordable transport and services.


  • Carbon neutral Wellington with solar audit for increased energy efficiency
  • Community-owned energy projects
  • Utilisation of wood waste, tidal flows & sewage algae
  • 100% renewable electricity and 40% greenhouse emission reduction by 2020.


  • Local people have improved say with “Village Planning” & “Participatory Democracy”
  • Local Council and strengthened Regional Council
  • Inspiring Communities with participatory budgeting and community gardens/orchards.

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